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Our Advantage

Our Advantage


WINWAY FANT is a professional ball valve manufacturer, unique in the design and manufacture of ball valves, products fully meet the requirements of various project conditions, and WINWAY FANT is also committed to control the cost of manufacturing, not only let customers get high-quality products, but also reduce the cost of engineering budget.
WINWAY FANT has a complete processing and assembly line, product coverage: forgings and castings body; Floating type and trunnion mounted; Soft and metal seats; Single ball and double ball; Lip seal, or O-ring seal and graphite seal. WINWAY FANT not only produces standard ball valves, but also can be specially designed to meet customer requirements.

Providing ball valves that meet the requirements of standards and contracts is the most basic requirement. WINWAY FANT is committed to enhancing traceability management throughout the production process, realizing interchangeability of parts and facilitating online maintenance, reducing torque and extending service life to meet the potential needs of users.
ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS WINWAY FANT is willing to become a reliable partner of customers, and will fully support and cooperate with customers to transform industry knowledge and market insight into design engineering solutions and create competitive advantages for customers.
About Us

About Us



WINWAY FANT is a professional valvemanufacturer dedicated to the research and development and manufacture ofvarious ball valves. It has technology and applications for Block & bleedvalve, Lip seal ball valves, Wetted parts surfacing corrosion-resistant alloyball valves, and compact flange ball valves, pig valve. With profound andunique insights, it provides a full range of solutions and services for globalenergy projects, especially in the field of Onshore & Offshore. With richexperience and many successful cases, it has won a high reputation.

WINWAY FANT's ball valves cover the entirerange of forged and cast valve bodies; floating type and trunnion mounted; softand metal seats. Pressure 150LB-2500LB, Size 1/2"-24", temperature-196~400 degrees Celsius, materials include CS, LTCS, SS, DSS, SDSS, nickelalloy, hastelloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy and other special materials.

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